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Since 1952 we have been dedicated to bring you the best in both contemporary Danish and International releases and best from our historic catalogue.

On this website you can browse through our vast catalogue spanning New Orleans Jazz, swing, big band, free jazz, blues, and contemporary jazz. All releases feature track samples, release information and reviews. You can also stream our customised playlists or read our blog.

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Check out this new video by Unseen Recordings in which Carsten Dahl talks about his sources of inspiration: The musicality in nature and the the combination of chaos and order that is the essence of jazz. He also plays a terrific solo piece on piano… Definitely worth a watch!

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Leif Juul Jørgensen / Søren Kristiansen / Alex Riel / Jesper Lundgaard: On the Road...

New live music from some of Denmark’s most prominent and longest standing jazz musicians. The Danish Jazz Quartet has recorded six tunes that have long proven their worth as vehicles for improvisation, be it in jam-session or more organized contexts. Here, they sound as fresh as ever, played by four musicians who obviously enjoy playing—and sharing.

Three quarters of the quartet have been visible all over the Danish jazz scene for many years. The fourth man, Leif Juul Jørgensen,...


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