Liller, Bjarne


Bjarne Bent Rønne Pedersen, known as Bjarne Liller (25 September 1935 – 6 September 1993), was a Danish jazz musician and singer-songwriter. Liller was born on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. He got his breakthrough as a banjo player and singer in Papa Bue's Viking Jazz Band.[2] He played with the Viking Jazz Band from 1956 to 1970, and again from 1976 to 1979, and made around 30 records with the band.[3] Liller was also a successful solo artist, mainly in the pop music genre.[3] He worked with John Mogensen,[3] and got a gold record for selling 100,000 copies of his solo pop hit "Billet mrk./Ensom dame 40 år".[1] He finished second at the 1979 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, singing the duet "Alt er skønt" with Grethe Ingmann.[4] Liller received a silver record for 25,000 copies sold of each of his two albums "Man kan ikke gøre for, at man har charme" (1975) and "Livet er skønt" (1976).He appeared in three Danish films; as a singer in "Thorvald og Linda" (1982), and in minor roles in Erik Clausen's films "Den store badedag" (1991) and "De frigjorte" (1993).[5] Liller credited Kim Larsen and Erik Clausen for re-igniting his passion for music during the last years of his life.[2] Despite his commercial success, Liller's heart lay with the sound of Nyhavn; traditional Dixieland jazz, and he was active until his death in September 1993. At his death, Liller's originality and personality was likened to that of Povl Dissing.A sold-out benefit concert was held by his former jazz colleagues at the Tivoli Gardens later that month.


Liller, Bjarne / Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband: Jazz Party

There once was a time when James Last was the ”party king”, playing sold-out houses around the world and selling millions of records. In Denmark, Johnny Reimar was James Last’s counterpart, travelling all over the country with his party shows. Thus, it was natural that Danish jazz should get on the party-bandwagon, and in 1977 the LP ”Jazz Party”, with Papa Bue and His Viking Jazzband, was released. It turned out to be a great recording with a festive audience, Gustav Winkler as master of ceremonies, and contained 28 numbers-traditional jazz standards, Danish melodies and one composition by Papa Bue’s pianist, Jørn Jensen, who was also arranger on the session. Papa Bue’s Vikings, in absolutely top-form for the occasion, consisted of Arne ”Papa Bue” Jensen on trombone, Ole Stolle on trumpet, Jørgen Svare on clarinet, Jørn ”Jønne” Jensen on piano, Bjarne ”Liller” Petersen on banjo and vocal, Jens Sølund on bass and Knud Ryskov, drums. Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband has been in existence for about forty-five years, with Papa Bue, himself, the only ”survivor” from the original band. It...