Richard Wyands


Richard Wyands (born July 2, 1928 in Oakland, California) is a hard bop pianist best known as a side-man. He began playing in his teens in San Francisco, but later moved to New York City. He worked with Kenny Burrell in the 1960s and also played in Gigi Gryce's quintet. He has headed a few trios.


Richard Wyands: Then Here And Now

"Better late than never". This expression is my special way of introducing a very fine set of trio jazz by the veteran pianist Richard Wyands (born 1928). Like so many other pianists in jazz he has had a long career as an accompanist both in clubs and on records, but this is his first effort as a leader. His crisp, firm attack and clarity of line immediately impressed me reminding very much of one of my all-time favorites, Hank Jones. In the years that have followed other influences (Herbi...