A Good Time

Carsten Dahl

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Carsten Dahl
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Storyville Records is releasing “A Good Time” a new album with Carsten Dahl Trio. The album was recorded during a festival titled “The Art of the Trio” celebrating the unique musical experiences the jazz trio format creates. The recording sparkles of joy and musicians who are comfortable in each other's company. Drummer Frands Rifbjerg and bass player Lennart Ginman both contribute with superb playing making this one of the most original piano trios in recent times.
 “The music springs naturally from my spontaneous introductions. Our only reference point is that the music must feel good and we must have a good time, not only together but also with the audience.” says Carsten Dahl
This is Storyville’s third release with the trio. Carsten Dahl is one of Scandinavia’s leading pianists and has played with Ed Thigpen, Benny Golson, Eddie Gomez etc. Lennart Ginman is a popular Danish bass player and Frands Rifbjerg has been described in Danish media as an eminent drummer. 

Carsten Dahl (p), Lennart Ginman (b), Frands Rifbjerg (dr)  

Recorded live at Bryggeriets Hus, February 4, 2007.


Ivan Rod, Gaffa

5 stars


Nearly all the numbers on A Good Time will be familiar to Dahl aficionados, yet none have received such relaxed and warmly creative treatment as they are given here ...

- Chris Mosey. (Read the whole review here:

4.5 stars