King, Bobby

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King, Bobby
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At "Queen Bee's" at 74 01 South Chicago Ave., every night, in that small smoked joint, you could listen to the wonderful guitar-player and singer Bobby King, who have the right to have a place in the family of the "Kings!" A musician with a strong personality helped by a faultless technique, he has been able to create a guitar style of his own. Everything he plays, even the best-known blues numbers, becomes immediately a Bobby King's stuff. The way he sings is maybe more peculiar than the way he plays. He has a very expressive and moving voice with warm and sensual inflexions, which creates a fascinating sound!

Bobby King - guitar & vocal, Leonard Gill - guitar, Harry "Snapper" Mitchum - bass, Bill Warren - drums, Muddy Water - vocal

Recorded October 9, 1975