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Jah Wobble / Bill Sharpe

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Jah Wobble / Bill Sharpe
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A unique collaboration between two legends of Punk and Funk. Jah Wobble has been part of musical history-making from his early years in the band Public Image Ltd with John Lydon, to his work with artists such as Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit of Can, BJ Cole, Sinead O’Connor and Baaba Maal. Bill Sharpe found fame with his jazz-funk band Shakatak in the early 1980s and still touring successfully now. Wobble and Sharpe were brought together by a shared love of Miles Davis, The Crusaders, Art Blakey and Weather Report. What started as an improvised jamming session developed into an album seeped in mutual enthusiasm.

Bill Sharpe, Jah Wobble

Recording date 2012


Jazz Weekly

Jam band fans will have a whaka-whooka of a good time here with a funk filled collection of tunes by Jah Wobble/b and Bill Sharpe/key as leaders. Along with Marc Layton-Bennett/dr and Sean Corby/tp-fh, the band  goes from R&B back snapping tunes like “You Make Me Happy” (with vocals by PJ Higgins and guitar by Fridrik Karlsson) to laid back groove tunes like the title track. Lots of riff-bass melodies as on “In the Beat of the Night” and “Spanish Place” which may require special clawed shoes to climb out of the deep crevasse created by the thrym team. The trumpet works serves as a good foil with “Spanish Place” having an extra Andalusian atmosphere. Definitely not library music!

George Harris


Dave Jones, Jazz Journal

4 stars


Charles Waring, Record Collector

En engaging and varied new album.


3 stars