Live at Montmartre

Eddie Gomez / Carsten Dahl

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Eddie Gomez / Carsten Dahl
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On May 1, 2010, Jazzhus Montmartre reopened in its original premises at Store Regnegade 19A, where so many jazz icons and trendsetting musicians performed from 1959 until the club closed in 1976. With the revival of the original close atmosphere and great acoustics, Montmartre has successfully resurrected its reputation as one of Europe’s best jazz clubs, and one where musicians love to play. Now, in a unique collaboration between Jazzhus Montmartre and Storyville Records two “Live at Montmarte” albums, capturing the great sound and atmosphere at the club, are available.

Thanks to support of the American Fullbright Association it was possible to bring one of the world’s most original bassists back to Montmartre. The last time Eddie Gomez stood on the stage was with Bill Evans in 1973. Being the open and inquisitive type, he accepted a suggestion to play duo with the Danish pianist Carsten Dahl. The result was a memorable meeting, on both a musical and personal level.

Eddi Gomez (b) & Carsten Dahl (p)

Recorded live at Montmartre November 9. 2011


Jazz Weekly

The Jazz Songbook never sounded fresher!

- George W. Harris (original article here)