Masters Of Jazz Vol. 8

Teddy Wilson

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Teddy Wilson
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*”One of the consummate stylists of jazz piano Wilson was also extremely popular not only with listeners but fellow musicians. Beginning in the late 1930s and continuing through at least the following decade he was thought of as the ideal pianist ...” This CD includes the Keystone Transcriptions with Teddy Wilson solo piano (1939/40) and the Associated Transcriptions with the Teddy Wilson Sextet with Emmett Berry (tp), Benny Morton (tb), Edmond Hall (cl), Slam Stewart (b) and Big Sid Catlett (dr) (1944), both recorded in New York. Also included are two sessions from Copenhagen with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b) and Bjarne Rostvold (dr) (1968) and with Jesper Lundgaard (b) Ed Thigpen (dr) (1980). *from the new liner notes by Brian Priestley.

(a) Teddy Wilson (p) Recorded New York, The Keystone Transcription, circa 1939-1940 (b) Teddy Wilson Sextet: Teddy Wilson (p) Emmett Berry (tp) Benny Morton (tb) Edmond Hall (cl) Slam Stewart (b) Big Sid Catlett (dr) The Associated Transcriptions recorded in New York, June 15, 1944 (c) Teddy Wilson (p) Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b) Bjarne Rostvold (dr) Recorded in Copenhagen, December 14, 1968 (d) Teddy Wilson (p) Jesper Lundgaard (b) Ed Thigpen (dr) Recorded June 15, 1980 in Studio 39, Copenhagen