The Blues of Champion Jack Dupree

Champion Jack Dupree

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Champion Jack Dupree
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These sessions were all recorded in the period 1961-64 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Jack Dupree performed often and felt at home." Although there is humor in his music, the tunes featured here are mostly about life's hardships - especially with women, poverty, prison and alcohol. Here is the genuine and deeply-felt blues of a man who has truly known the ups and downs of life - an authentic blues veteran. The CD consists of material Dupree has written himself. These songs, Dupree says, "tell about my experience of life, or what! have seen in the lives of people around me. So I can honestly say they are REAL songs and mean something to me.'' Another great feature of these sessions is Dupree's piano playing - he was one of the last true "Barrel house" pianists.

Champion Jack Dupree (p, vo), and others.