The Doctor Jazz Series Vol 3

Buck Clayton

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Buck Clayton
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Of all the jazz artist represented in the series of Dr. Jazz radio broadcasts, Buck Clayton is the one least likely to be classified as a Dixieland musician. Buck’s style, in fact, was the quintessence of big band swing as exemplified through his many years with the Count Basie aggregation. With the demise of the big bands, however, Buck turned more and more to playing in combos. It was the New Orleans clarinettist Tony Parenti, who encouraged Buck to learn the Dixieland repertoire around this time and Buck thought it a good idea to become more versatile and enlarge the type of gigs available to him.

Buck Clayton (tp) Herb Flemming (tb) Buster Bailey (cl) Kenny Kersey (p) Joe Schulman, Bill Goodall (b) Arthur Herbert (dr)

Recorded between 1951 and 1952