The Golden Years Of Revival Jazz - Sampler

Various Artists

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Various Artists
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This sampler is a “last minute” addition to our 15 CD series. The idea to use a sampler – sold at a low price – to promote more expensive products is not new. The idea behind this is, however, a little different, since all the titles (except for “Everybody Loves Saturday Night”) are new and not repeats from the other 15 CDs. It even contains three tracks by a band not part of the main body of releases – Doug Richford London Jazz Men.


  1. That'S A Plenty
  2. Don'T Go Away Nobody
  3. Perdio Street Blues
  4. Basin Street Blues
  5. Everybody Loves Saturday Night
  6. Trouble In Mind
  7. Shake That Thing (Take 2)
  8. Struttin' With Some Barbecue
  9. Dusty Rag
  10. King Of The Zulus
  11. Tweed And Tropical
  12. Finn Air
  13. Muggin' Lightly
  14. Ory'S Creole Trombone
  15. Spooky Takes A Holiday
  16. Running Wild
  17. Beedle-Um-Bum