The King Jazz Records Story

Sidney Bechet / Mezz Mezzrow

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5CD Box
Sidney Bechet / Mezz Mezzrow
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To Mezz Mezzrow, King Jazz was more than a record label. It was the crystallization of his abiding passion for early forms of jazz, a music he saw as a blues-drenched cry of freedom wafting across the waters from New Orleans. It had spread far beyond the bayou and taken on new forms, but Mezz was the self-appointed keeper of the flame and his post-war record business venture was the mason jar that would forever preserve its goodness. Here, the colorful curator teams up for a series of classic collaborations with an undisputed master of improvisation,  his idol, Sidney Bechet. Their work alone would make this 5-CD boxed set a special release, but there is much more to savor, for it combines for the first times the entire output of the King Jazz label, an eclectic mix of performances by people whose names are also a part of the music’s rich legacy. Add to that, careful remastering, an informative illustrated booklet, and Mezzrow’s spoken introductions, recorded exclusively for Storyville—it adds up to a true collector’s item. Yes, there’s a lot of good jam in this very special Mason jar.




Featuring more than five hours of music, this set is a "must have" for anyone interested in jazz history.


Chris Mosey AllAboutJazz


  1. In a Mezz
  2. Mezzrow Talks
  3. Those Mellow Blues
  4. Gully Low Blues
  5. Cow Cow Blues
  6. Cow Cow Blues
  7. Mezzrow Talks
  8. I Finally Gotcha
  9. Boogin' With Mezz
  10. Callin' Em Home
  11. Step Down, Step Up
  12. Shakin' Loose
  13. Shakin' Loose
  14. Broken Man Blues
  15. New Jailhouse Blues
  16. House Party
  17. House Party
  18. Bowin' the Blues
  19. Perdido Street Stomp
  20. Perdido Street Stomp
  21. Revolutionary Blues (Part 1)
  22. Revolutionary Blues (Part 2)
  23. Mezzrow Talks
  24. Blood on the Moon
  25. Levee Blues
  26. Mezzrow Talks
  27. Layin' My Rules in Blues (11)
  28. Bad, Bad Baby Blues (11)
  29. Bad, Bad Baby Blues (11)
  30. Mezzrow Talks
  31. Saw Mill Blues
  32. Minor Swoon
  33. Minor Swoon
  34. Minor Swoon
  35. The Sheik of Araby
  36. The Sheik of Araby
  37. Boogin' with Big Sid
  38. Mezzrow Talks
  39. Baby, I'm Cuttin' Out
  40. Baby, I'm Cuttin' Out
  41. Baby, I'm Cuttin' Out
  42. Ole Miss
  43. Ole Miss
  44. Mezzrow Talks
  45. Bowin' the Blues
  46. Jelly Roll
  47. Jelly Roll
  48. Jelly Roll
  49. Jelly Roll
  50. Perdido Street Stomp
  51. Perdido Street Stomp
  52. 32 Bars of Blues
  53. Forgotten Harmony
  54. Revolutionary Blues
  55. Mezzrow Talks
  56. Gone Away Blues
  57. De Luxe Stomp
  58. Mezzrow Talks
  59. Out of the Gallion
  60. Out of the Gallion
  61. Out of the Gallion
  62. Mezzrow Talks
  63. Breathless Blues
  64. Mezzrow Talks
  65. Really the Blues
  66. Really the Blues
  67. Really the Blues
  68. Really the Blues
  69. Mezzrow Talks
  70. Fat Mama Blues
  71. Mezzrow Talks
  72. You Got To Give It To Me
  73. Hey Daddy Blues
  74. Whoop This Wolf Away From My Door
  75. Whoop This Wolf Away From My Door
  76. Whoop This Wolf Away From My Door
  77. Mezzrow Talks
  78. You Can't Do That To Me
  79. Groovin' the Minor
  80. Groovin' the Minor
  81. Where am I
  82. Where Am I
  83. Where Am I
  84. Tommy's Blues
  85. Tommy's Blues
  86. Chicago Function
  87. Chicago Function
  88. Chicago Function
  89. Chicago Function
  90. Mezzrow Talks
  91. I Want Some
  92. I Want Some
  93. Mezzrow Talks
  94. I'm Speaking My Mind
  95. I'm Speaking My Mind
  96. I'm Speaking My Mind
  97. I'll Never Forget the Blues
  98. I'll Never Forget the Blues
  99. Mezzrow Talks
  100. The Blues and Freud
  101. The Blues and Freud
  102. Kaiser's Last Break
  103. Kaiser's Last Break
  104. I'm Goin' Away From Here
  105. I'm Goin' Away From Here
  106. I Got You Some
  107. I Must Have My Boogie
  108. Funky Butt
  109. Funky Butt
  110. Delta Mood
  111. Delta Mood
  112. Mezzrow Talks
  113. Blues of the Roaring Twenties
  114. Blues of the Roaring Twenties
  115. Caravan