The Radio Years 1937-1940

Bunny Berigan

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Bunny Berigan
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This 56-minute CD contains 20 tunes recorded live for radio broadcast during three sessions in New York between 1937-1940. This previously unreleased music is from the brief five-year period where Berigan led a big band. The music consists of popular swing standards and a few original tunes. The personnel is almost totally different on each of these three live sessions. The sound quality is very high, and there is brilliant, explosive trumpet playing throughout by Bunny Berigan, as well as other fine soloists. As can clearly be heard, Berigan was capable of bringing out the best in his musicians.

Bunny Berigan, Steve Lipkins, Irving Goodman, John Fallstich, Truman Quigley - trumpet / Sonny Lee, Morey Samuel, Bobby Jenny, Max Smith - trombone / Joe Dixon, alto saxophone & clarinet / Sid Perlmutter, Charlie & Joe DiMaggio - alto saxophone / George Auld, Larry Walsh, Johnny Castaldi, Clyde Rounds - tenor saxophone / Joe Lipman, Buddy Kloss - piano / Tommy Morgan, guitar / Arnold Fishkind, Mort Stulmaker - string bass / George Wetlling, Paul Collins - drums / Ruth Bradley, Danny Richards - vocal.


  1. I Can'T Get Started
  2. I Can't Get Started
  3. You Can'T Run Away From Love Tonight
  4. You Can't Run Away FromLove Tonight
  5. Swanee River
  6. Swanee River
  7. I Can'T Get Started
  8. I Can't Get Started
  9. Ay Ay Ay
  10. I Poured My Heart Into A Song
  11. I Poured My Heart Into A Song
  12. Caravan
  13. Caravan
  14. Night Song
  15. Night Song
  16. Swingin' And Jumpin'
  17. Swingin' And Jumoin'
  18. Little Gate'S Special
  19. Little Gate's Special
  20. I Can'¨T Get Started
  21. I Can't Get Started
  22. I Can'T Get Started
  23. I Can't Get Started
  24. Swingin' On The Campus
  25. Swingin' On the Campus
  26. Maybe
  27. Maybe
  28. Rhumboogie
  29. Rhumboogie
  30. There I Go
  31. There I Go
  32. Tuxedo Junction
  33. Tuxedo Junction
  34. A Million Dreams Ago
  35. Marcheta
  36. Marcheta
  37. I Can'T Get Started
  38. I Can't Get Started