The Return Of A Legend

Elliott Chavers

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Elliott Chavers
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Texas born and raised, Elliott Chavers was 20 years old and already playing tenor sax professionally for 6 years – by the time he hit the flowering LA rhythm and blues scene in 1950. Elliott’s singing talent was revealed by accident one night on the road with Sam Cooke, when the famous singer showed up late for a gig. Today, Chaver’s classic “tough Texas tenor” style – rhytm and blues tinged with jazz feeling and blended with LA urban blues – is as vibrant and virile as ever. This CD – with Chavers playing and singing his own compositions backed by a band of top California blues veterans – should be ample proof. If you’ve never heard Elliott Chavers before, you’ll soon discover why this session truly is “The Return of a Legend”.

Elliott Chavers - tenor & alto sax, James Rudy - piano, Harold Benntt - tenor sax, Edmund Lee - bass, Eddie Synagai - tenor sax, Wendel Williams - bass, George Harper - tenor sax, Jack Wargo - guitar, James Smith - trumpet, Mickey Conway - drums