The Treasury Shows Vol. 10

Duke Ellington

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Duke Ellington
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The music on these two CD’s (51 tunes) has never been released before. The music is taken from 4 radio broadcasts in New York City in 1945 – part live and part in the radio studio. Aside from providing great big band jazz for the radio audience, the point of these broadcasts was also for Duke Ellington to sell war bonds in the final year of World War II. The repertoire consists mostly of well-known Ellington numbers, plus a few rarities. These radio broadcasts are particularly important because commercial studio recordings were banned during World War II. One tune on CD 2 – "I Miss Your Kiss", featuring the great trombone work of Lawrence Brown – was never recorded commercially. Other highpoints are Johnny Hodges’ smooth alto sax on "Mood to be Wooed", and Rex Stewart’s trumpet work on "Emancipation Celebration".

Duke Ellington (piano, arranger, leader), Rex Stewart, Taft Jordan, Shelton Hemphill, Cat Anderson (trumpets), Ray Nance (trumpet, violin, vocal), Joseph Nanton, Lawrence Brown, Claude Jones (trombones), Al Sears (tenor sax), Jimmy Hamilton (clarinet & Tenor sax), Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick (alto saxes), Harry Carney (baritone sax,clarinet,bass clarinet), Billy Strayhorn (piano, arranger), Fred Guy (guitar), Junior Raglin (bass), Sonny Greer (drums), Kay Davis, Albert Hibbler, Marie Ellington, Joya Sherrill, Ray Nance (vocals)CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)


  1. Take The A Train
  2. Take The A Train
  3. Work Song
  4. What Am I Here For
  5. Ellington Bond Promo
  6. Blue Is The Night
  7. The Blues
  8. Ellington Bond Promo
  9. West Indian Dance
  10. Wish I Wish Tonight
  11. Ellington Bond Promo
  12. Someone
  13. Come Sunday/Light
  14. Take The A Train
  15. Take The A Train
  16. Harlem Air Shaft
  17. Take The A Train
  18. Out Of This World
  19. Subtle Slough
  20. Elling Bond Promo
  21. Ellington Bond Promo
  22. Midriff
  23. Blue Skies
  24. Everything But You
  25. I Ain'T Got Nothin' But The Blues
  26. Ring Dem Bells
  27. Riff Staccato
  28. Mood To Be Wooed
  29. Bugle Breaks
  30. Elling Bond Promo
  31. Kissing Bug
  32. Emanipation Celebration
  33. Take The A Train
  34. Take The A Train
  35. It Jumped
  36. Suddenly It Jumpted
  37. Laura
  38. Warm Valley
  39. Kissing Bug
  40. Take The A Train
  41. Stompy Jones
  42. I Miss Your Kiss
  43. Solid Old Man
  44. He'S Home For A Little While
  45. Carnegie Blues
  46. Riff Staccato
  47. I Ain'T Got Nothin' But The Blues
  48. Fancy Dan
  49. I'M Beginning To See The Light
  50. Take The A Train
  51. Take The A Train
  52. Take The A Train
  53. Take The A Train
  54. Take The A Train