The Treasury Shows Vol. 13

Duke Ellington

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Duke Ellington
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This is volume 13 of Duke Ellington "The Treasury Shows". Jerry Valburn is the Producer of the DETS series which will result in 24 double CDs at its completion. The series was launched on April 7th, 1945 while the band was performing at the 400 Restaurant in New York City. These wonderful broadcasts ran through November 1945 and picked up again in April 1946 through early October. Included are also some interesting broadcasts from 1943 through 1954 where Duke performed for the Treasury Department, radio remotes from New York’s New Zanzibar & Birdland and thos broadcast from Meadowbrook Gardens in Culver City, California and the Blue Note in Chicago.

Duke Ellington's Orchestra


  1. Someone
  2. I Ain'T Got Nothin' But The Blues
  3. Riff Staccato
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Homesick That'S All
  6. Suddenly It Jumpted
  7. Kissing Bug
  8. Take The "A" Train
  9. Take The "A" Train
  10. Take The "A" Train
  11. Take The "A" Train
  12. Main Stem
  13. Time'S A-Wastin'
  14. Carnegie Blues
  15. Bond Promo
  16. I Can'T Believe That You'Re In Love With Me
  17. Three Cent Stomp
  18. There'S No You
  19. What Am I Here For?
  20. Fancy Dan
  21. Lilly Belle
  22. Everything But You
  23. Homesick That'S All
  24. Fickle Fling
  25. Go Away Blues
  26. Bond Promo
  27. Frantic Fantasy
  28. Blue Serge
  29. If You Are But A Dream
  30. Take The "A" Train
  31. Bond Promo
  32. Stompy Jones
  33. Jack The Bear
  34. Walkin' With My Honey
  35. Every Hour On The Hour
  36. Lily Belle
  37. Everything But You
  38. Lament In A Minor Mood
  39. Sold Old Man
  40. Teardrops In The Rain
  41. I Ain'T Got Nothin' But The Blues
  42. Things Ain'T What They Used To Be