The Treasury Shows Vol. 2

Duke Ellington

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Duke Ellington
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Here is the patriotic Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra performing weekly radio broadcasts in 1945 (plus one from 1943) to help sell U.S. war bonds and boost the public's morale. These 55 minute weekly programs gave Ellington a wide choice of material to: perform, including older work, new material, pop tunes instrumentals & vocals, and extended works. The band's line up at this time was outstanding, featuring great performances by .... Ellington soloists such as Ray Nance, Lawrence Brown, Johnny Hodges and Ben Webster. and vocalists Joya Sherri ll, Kay Davis and Al Hibbler The excitement and seamless professionalism of Ellington's orchestra of the .... mid 1 940's is in abundant evidence throughout the two hours worth of music on this double CD compilation. The sound quality is also surprisingly good.

Duke EllIngton (leader, piano~, Johnny:Hodges (alto sax), Lawrence Brown (trombone), Ben Webster & Al Séars (tenor sax), Ray Nance, Rex Stewart & Talt Jordan (trumpet), Kay Davis & Al Hibbler (vocal),


  1. Take The A Train
  2. Take The A Train
  3. Mood To Be Wooed
  4. Midriff
  5. If You Are But A Dream
  6. Carnegie Blues
  7. Riff Staccato
  8. Someone
  9. I'M Beginning To See The Light
  10. My Little Brown Book
  11. Kissing Bug
  12. West Indian Dance
  13. Ring Dem Bells
  14. The Blues
  15. I'M Beginning To See The Light
  16. Emancipation Celebration
  17. Sugar Hill Penthouse
  18. Work Song
  19. Come Sunday [The Spiritual Theme]
  20. Sentimental Lady
  21. Come Sunday
  22. Stomp Look And Listen
  23. Candy
  24. Frantic Fantasy
  25. Broadcast Interruption By War Bulletin
  26. It Don'T Mean A Thing
  27. Teardrops In The Rain
  28. Sentimental Lady
  29. Way Low
  30. Take The A Train
  31. Take The A Train
  32. Tonight I Shall Sleep
  33. Take The A Train
  34. Go Away Blues
  35. Love Letters
  36. Bond Promo
  37. Main Stem
  38. Creole Love Song
  39. Fishing For The Moon
  40. Three Cent Stomp
  41. Riff'N Drill
  42. Any Bonds Today?
  43. Kissing Bug