The Treasury Shows Vol. 5

Duke Ellington

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Duke Ellington
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Here is Duke Ellington, the patriot, selling war bonds towards the end of WW 11 (Spring and Fa I I of 1945) by presenting his orchestra via three I ive radio broadcasts from a h ospita I centerin M ichig an, The Para m ount Theatre in Toledo, Ohio, and the New Zanzibar Club in New York City. While most of the 51 tunes (1) performed here are Ellington standards/. favorites, there are also several rarely performed/recorded numbers, such as Walking With MY Honey, Court Session, Solid Old Man and Hop, Skip & Jump. These is solid playing throughout, and especially good solos by Johnny Hodges, Rex Stewart, Harry Carney, Lawrence Brown and singing by Joya Sherrill. The music is designed for both listening and dancing.

Duke Ellington's Orchestra


  1. Take The A Train
  2. Don'T Take Your Love From Me
  3. Mood To Be Wooed
  4. Court Session
  5. Jack The Bear
  6. Emanicipation Celebration
  7. Ellington Bond Promo
  8. Let The Zoomers Drool
  9. The More I See You
  10. Take The A Train
  11. Way Low
  12. Blue Is The Night
  13. Ellington Bond Promo
  14. Ellington Bond Promo
  15. Can'T You Read Between The Lines?
  16. Summertime
  17. Hop Skip And Jump
  18. Take The A Train
  19. Kissing Bug
  20. Take The A Train
  21. Solid Old Man
  22. Come Sunday
  23. Come Sunday
  24. Light
  25. Ellington Bond Promo
  26. I'M Beginning To See The Light
  27. I Miss Your Kiss
  28. On The Alamo
  29. Things Ain'T Whatthey Used To Be
  30. Carnegie Blues
  31. Ellington Bond Promo
  32. Diminuendo In Blue
  33. Riff Stacatto
  34. Rocks In My Bed
  35. Blue Skies
  36. Crescendo In Blue
  37. Things Ain'T What They Used To Be
  38. I'M Beginning To See The Light
  39. Take The A Train
  40. Teardrops In The Rain
  41. My Little Brown Book
  42. Nine-Twenty Special
  43. The Wonder Of You
  44. Duke Ellington Bond Promo
  45. Walkin' With My Honey
  46. C-Jam Blues
  47. Three Cent Stomp
  48. Take The A Train