The Treasury Shows Vol. 14

Duke Ellington

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Duke Ellington
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This is volume 14 of Duke Ellington “The Treasury Shows”. CD 1 contains DETS 26 and parts of DETS 27 recorded October 13, 1945 CD 2 continue with DETS 27 and parts of DETS 28 recorded October 20, 1945. Jerry Valburn is the Producer of the DETS series that was launched on April 7th, 1945 while the band was performing at the 400 Restaurant in New York City. These wonderful broadcasts ran through November 1945 and picked up again in April 1946 through early October. It is something of a miracle that these precious broadcasts survived all these years and are in such good quality as well. The DETS series will result in 24 double CDs at its completion

Duke Ellington's Orchestra


  1. Take The "A" Train
  2. Take The "A" Train
  3. Time'S A-Wastin'
  4. Ultra Blue
  5. Every Hour On The Hour
  6. Teardrops In The Rain
  7. Time On My Hands
  8. Hollywood Hangover
  9. Riff Staccato
  10. Take The "A" Train
  11. Take The "A" Train
  12. Ko-Ko
  13. Hop Skip And Jump
  14. If I Loved You
  15. Riding On Ablue Note
  16. I'Ll Buy That Dream
  17. Subtle Slough
  18. Bond Promo
  19. Honeysuckle Rose
  20. Riff'N Drill
  21. Perdido
  22. Tell Ya What I'M Gonna Do
  23. How Deep Is The Ocean
  24. Take The "A" Train
  25. Mood Indigo
  26. Take The "A" Train
  27. Take The "A" Train
  28. Waiting For The Train To Come
  29. Three Tunes In Tghe Blue Mood
  30. I'D Do It All Over Again
  31. Everything But You
  32. Bond Promo
  33. Bond Promo
  34. Fancy Dan
  35. Everything But You
  36. Homesick That'S All
  37. Every Hour On The Hour
  38. Out Of This World
  39. Bond Promo
  40. C Jam Blues
  41. Caravan
  42. Take The "A" Train
  43. Riff 'N Drill
  44. Things Ain'T What They Used To Be