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Storyville Records is Europe’s oldest independent jazz label. It releases a rich variety of jazz, blues and related musical genres, often accompanied by authoritative notes and rare extras. This iconic label was founded in 1952 in Denmark and today continues to augment its unique historic catalogue of recordings made by visiting American jazz and blues legends with new releases from contemporary jazz artists.

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Mirrors Within points in the direction of the inner landscapes of music: those places in the mind where music can become sounds that bleed, infect and flourish.

When pianist Carsten Dahl went into the studio with his perennial fellow musicians, the bassist Niels Bo Davidsen and the drummer Stefan Pasborg, it was with a special dogma: Not to say a word throughout the recording.

Mirrors Within was created in a continuous sequence of first takes and everything was improvised without previous agreements or ideas, except ’Falling Down’ and ’How I Hear Beauty’ based on some chords Dahl scratched down on a piece of paper in the studio. There is a natural, fluent and electric feeling in the music. The trio creates a series of intense pieces most of them no longer than 3-4 minutes, but together they constitute a suite-like process with stimulating variation in form and expression.

‘To me Mirrors Within is the picture of the collective and the universal’, Dahl says. ‘In the music we mirror ourselves in one another. But the mirror can also break and behind it is black’. Hereby he insinuates the both bright and dark sides of his own artist life. He has spoken in public about trauma, therapy and medicine. Music, painting and poetry are his creative responses.

Dahl, Davidsen & Pasborg have developed a special musical dialect together. We are way beyond instrumental skills, which are top class, but it is about much more than that. The best way perhaps to summarize the activities is with the word: empathy. Not as a feeling, but as an ability to participate in a mutual human action which otherwise could not be realized. It´s spontaneous and straightforward just like the brush strokes by Dahl seen on the album cover. But it´s not random what goes on. The trio establish a sonic architecture as clear and vivid as a mountain source. ‘When we enter the room together, we compose instantly’, Dahl says. ‘We are playing composers. We are very close to the ability of creation. This recording is the essence of what creation is about in an improvisatory context.’ Buy here

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Rosa Passos: Dunas - Live in Copenhagen

'Dunas - Live in Copenhagen' is released May 21st

Rossa Passos is considered one of the most important and loved Brazilian singers. Many music fans view her as the queen of modern bossa nova and samba, and she’s equally loved in South America, Japan, USA and Europe. Whether she’s playing with Kenny Barron or Yo Yo Ma she easily sells out Carnegie Hall in New York. She also enjoys touring with her quartet at jazz festivals and jazz clubs around Europe.

Rosa Passos is part of the golden generation of Brazilan musicians that includes Joao Bosco, Joyce Moreno, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Maria Bethania, Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins and many other great artists. Rosa Passos is especially loved for her elegance and soft touch. Her musicality is an inspiration to singers all over the world. 

Her music speaks to everyone, you don’t need to know about jazz or music to understand and enjoy – there is something universal to her vocal and approach that instantly makes the listener go along on the journey Rosa sets out for. It’s always beautiful and if you close your eyes you can feel the Brasilian soul and see the beaches for your inner eyes.

On July 7th, 2001 Rosa Passos played two sets at the famous Copenhagen Jazzhouse, one of the best jazz clubs in Europe for more than 25 years. The concerts took place as part of a bigger summer tour of Europe, with Rosa Passos playing all the important jazz festivals. In 2001 she was still unknown to the audience in Copenhagen, but Steen Rasmussen, a Danish pianist who was there, remembers:

“Her playing was flawless and sophisticated - and it swung like crazy. It was already the best music I’d ever heard. Then she began to sing - and I was almost in a trance. That voice, that phrasing, that swing, that empathy, that way she accompanied herself – and that low volume. I could tell everyone present felt the same. Rosa Passos had changed all our lives forever”

The experience speaks to the impact Rosa Passos has on people when they have the honor of experiencing her talent first-hand. She’s intimate and powerful at the same time, and the tunes she plays, a mixture of her own compositions and Bossa Nova-classics, support her means of expression in the best way possible. This recording from Jazzhouse presents her and her band at her best. The sound is crisp, and the presence allows for the pure expression to shine through, and makes you wish that you had been there to experience this very special night in Copenhagen.

“Imagine you are rocking a baby to sleep. For me, that’s Bossa Nova” – Rosa Passos

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