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Dillard, Bill

Bill Dillard (born July 20, 1911 – 1995) was an American swing music jazz trumpeter, actor and singer born in Pennsylvania, probably better known for his work with the big bands of Benny Carter, Luis Russell and Teddy Hill, among others. He also had an acting career on Broadway.


Bill Dillard: Bill Dillard With Michael Böving

Here, veteran dixieland and traditional jazz musician Bill Dillard meets up late in his long career (born in 1911 – this session from 1991) with the cream of Danish trad jazz musicians – strong stylists in their own right. The repertoire is based on a handful of recordings by Billy Bank’s Rhythm Makers, which used a rhythm section with both guitar and banjo. The music ranges from soft, lyrical ballads, to up-tempo numbers featuring Dillard’s rugged trumpet style and lyrical vocals. Bill Dillard is a master musician and also a showman – his trumpet-playing is both lyrical and intense.