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Stratemann, Dr. Klaus


Duke Ellington / Dr. Klaus Stratemann: Day By Day - Film By Film

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This book is the first among the many publications devoted to Duke Ellington in that ity recounts the entire range of his multiple professional activities in chronological order; almost, though not always day by day! Generously illustrated with reproductions of ads And original documents; and with over 300 photos, most of which have never been published before, the book also provides a visula record of Duke Ellington’s distinguished career. Special sections are devoted to his motion pictures, detailing his work on the screen, on the sound stages and as a film composer. This is a book to browse through, or to turn to in search of information. Access is provided with 60 pages of indexes on persons and music units; on compositions, venues, cities; and with a general index covering films, radio, TV, theatre and other subjects. This is a book for the scholar and the jazz enthusiast: for the film lover and for anyone with an affinity for America’s showbusiness. And above all, it is a must for those with an interest in that genius of American music; Duke Ellington! Over 300 unpublished photos, Sections on movies, film compositions. 60 p. of indexes inc. personnel, compositions, venues, films, radio, TV, theatre, his bands and orchestras.