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Schack, Martin

32 year old Danish Pianoplayer Martin Schack, performs in different constellations of bands. From bands performing his own original music, to neobop and mainstream jazz on hammond B3. Martin Schack is currently residing in Ribe in Western Jutland (Denmark) and he is teaching at Vestjysk Music Concervatory in Esbjerg. In February he has been playing many gigs in copenhagen, with the Danish Radio Bigband, With Jacob Fischer and Schackmates. Martin Schack is often touring in Japan, China and Denmark. The new band: "SCHACK MATES", has also, frequently, been performing around Denmark in 2008/ 2009, and was of course present at the LOVE LA FONTAINE concert. Crew on the new "SCHACK MATES" album are: Jesper Loevdal; tenor and baryton-sax, Marten Lundgren; trumpet/ flugelhorn, Karsten Bagge; drums, Martin Schack; Hammond B3.) This new record in a live recording, so you can really sense the vibe of the band! in 2009 there is also plans for tours with Sinne Eeg in: Finland, Istanbul and Korea. Both of Martins previous RECORDS; "Headin..home" featuring Tom Harrell (2003), and "BaggeSchack" can also be found in cd shops on the internet and have both been well-rewiewed.


Martin Schack: Headin' Home

Debut CD by Danish pianist Martin Schack featuring the famous American trumpeter, Tom Harrell. Seven of the eights tunes on the CD are original compositions by Martin Schack. Schack’s meetings with – and admiration inspire the music for – Elvin Jones, Hal Galper and David Leibmann, as well as Tom Harrell. Tom Harrell’s comments on the session: 1. Martin Schack is a very talented composer and pianist. 2. His songs are beautiful – harmonically, melodically and rhythmically. 3. The music is totally organic and there was a nice chemistry in the group. 4. His music has a highly emotional quality.