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Almqvist Trio, Peter

Peter Almqvist Born in Lund, Sweden 17 July 1957. Peter started to play guitar in his early teens. His father was a jazz guitar fan and encouraged his son to listen to his recordings of Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow, Jim Hall and Barney Kessel. Whilst in high school Peter decided to make music and the guitar his career. In 1980 he formed Guitars Unlimited, an acoustic guitar duo, together with Ulf Wakenius. They toured in many parts of the world and appeared frequently on Swedish Television. The highlight in their career was a performance in the 1985 Melody Grand Prix, a historic event which was seen by 600 million viewers, (probably the largest audience a jazz guitar duo has ever had). In 1988 Peter formed his own trio, Peter Almqvist Trio. The trio tours frequently in Scandinavia and has made several tours with the late Art Farmer. Another guest has been the legendary Blue Note pianist Horace Parlan with whom the trio recorded Peter Almqvist Trio with Horace Parlan STCD-4205. The trios first release was Dig Myself and I SNTF4201. The album received great reviews. Peter Almqvists latest release, My Sound SNTF-4236 was released in 2000 and features Peters solo work. Today Peter spends most of his time with his trio but he is also doing solo concerts and guitar seminars.


Peter Almqvist Trio: Dig Myself And I

Peter Almqvist formed this trio in 1992. having behind him more than twenty years in a broad spectrum of musical fields. With both rock and jazz experience he is at ease with such a wide range of expressions that he never has to underline where he has picked up his influences. He can cook without overstating the point, he can shape a melodic line that is immediately attractive without losing its allure after recreated listening, and he can pick a selection-of tunes that keep the listeners' attention from beginning to end. (Which is not as easy as many people seem to think!) This album is a tribute to the basic spirit of jazz.