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Kent, Willie

Willie Kent (February 24, 1936 – March 2, 2006) was an American blues singer, bassist and songwriter. Kent was born in Inverness, Sunflower County, Mississippi. Although he had played the bass guitar in Chicago's clubs since the 1950s, Kent worked full time until he was over 50 years of age. Following heart surgery, he stopped work as a truck driver, and formed a band. His impassioned singing was deemed similar to both Byther Smith and John Primer. In early 2005, Kent was diagnosed with colon cancer, but continued his busy live schedule in spite of chemotherapy treatments. He died in Englewood, California in March 2006.


Willie Kent / Willie James Lyon: Ghetto

Willie James Lyons plays just a few bars and if you dig the blues you immediately realize that he is one of the greatest blues-guitarists. Yet, this album is the first he has recorded! He is a very personal musician, an exceptional creator with inventive ideas, with phrases full of lyrism and feelings. His very beautiful, warm and pure tone allows one to identify him from the very first notes. Along with Willie Kent the singer of the band, you'll get a taste of an every night bluessession on Chicago's West Side. Hot, pure, intence. and full of deep emotion of the blues'