Timme’s Treasures


What set him aside from the rest of us,” Rosenkrantz’ friend Doug Dobell, a London record store owner and jazz producer, recalls, “was that he LIVED the music as no other non-musician has – in fact as few musicians ever have”.

Rosenkrantz charmed his way into the American music business, was an early advocate of African-American jazz musicians, and a hopeless businessmann. He soon fell in love with singer Inez Cavanaugh, and the couple ventured opening many short-lived jazz clubs. Timme’s force was rather his passion and character: He was personal friends with Duke Ellington, became a respected record producer, journalist and radio broadcaster in Denmark as well as New York and captured now historic photographs that eradiate the vibrant essence of New York’s 1940s Jazz scene.

Carefully selected from the archives at the Music Library of the University of Southern Denmark by experts, the old tracks have been digitally cleaned and remastered, providing us an array of interesting material. Timme’s Treasures features extraordinary gems from a riveting epoch of jazz, and the CD is an unexpectedly recovered treasure chest, teaching us an important history lesson on musicality.

On the album, we find exclusive recordings of some of the grand musicians such as Stuff Smith, Thelonious Monk, Don Byas and pianist Erroll Garner, whom Timme Rosenkrantz is actually credited for discovering and being the first to record. Most of it is recorded in Timme Rosenkrantz’s private Manhattan apartment, where the jazz society came to party and play. The CD is the first ever release of these private recordings from the mid-1940s.

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