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A Good Time Was Had By All (6 CD-box set)

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6CD box
The Danish Radio Big Band
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Storyville Records proudly presents a 6 CD-box with the Danish Radio Big Band to congratulate them on their 50th anniversary.

The band stands as a unique musical phenomenon that has thrived through many permutations and shifting leaderships. Ib Glindeman, Stan Kenton, Thad Jones have all led the band swinging with a pulsating beat. Thoughout the years the band has played with guest stars conducting such as Ben Webster, Palle Mikkelborg and Django Bates all of who have put their distinct mark on the music.

The band not only broadcasted and recorded their music, but has toured with great success both in Denmark and all over the world.

In this box you can find both broadcasts, studio recordings and live performances from all of the 50 years. Hear Stan Kenton lead the band in the 60s, Ben Webster's hilarious instructions of the band in the 70s, a UK tour from the 80s, Bob Brookmeier conducting the band in the 90s with Art Farmer on flugelhorn, hear Jim McNeely lead the band through a romping rendition of a Lil Armstrong tune in the 00s and a brand new recording from this year.



Ib Glindemann & The Danish Radio Big Band

1. It’s The Talk of The Town 0:48
2. Ray’s Idea  2:43
3. My Old Flame 4:40
4. Zoot 2:59

Lise Reinau

5. To og to er fem 2:32

Stan Kenton with The Danish Radio Big Band

6. Malagueña 4:43
7. Stella By Starlight 6:05
8. Yesterdays 5:55

Ben Webster

9. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be 3:11
10. Cry Me A River 4:14
11. Stompy Jones 5:39
12. Did You Call Her Tonight 0:55
13. Old Folks 5:24

The Danish Radio Big-Band

14 Tempus Incertum Remanet part 1 7:36

Ben Webster

15. Bojangels 4:17

Birgit Brüel

16. But Not For Me 3:51
17. Once I Loved 4:53


Thad Jones & The Danish Radio Big Band

1. The Farewell 6:00
2. Kids are Pretty People 9:24
3. I Got Rhythm 3:49
4. Ebbe Skammelsøn 5:50
5. Dancing Girls 15:37
6. A Good Time was had by All 7:53

The Danish Radio Big Band

7. Say It 5:21
8. Malus Scorpio Ritus 8:47
9. Crackdown 8:20
10. Vismanden 7:29

CD3: HOME AND ABROAD 1991 - 1996

The Danish Radio Big Band

1. Nervous Charlie 6:04
2. Day Dream 3:53

Peter Reim

3. Dedicacion a Santo Domingo 8:12

The Danish Radio Big Band & Georgie Fame

4. I Put A Spell On You 3:38
5. City Life 7:18

John Sund & The Danish Radio Big Band

6. Right On – Off 5:50

Marie Bergman & The Danish Big Band

7. You Don’t Know What Love Is 5:05
8. All Of Me 3:30
9. But Beautiful 7:54

Tony Coe/Bob Brookmeyer

10. Capt. Coe’s Famous Racearound 10:28
11. Fools Rush In 6:52
12. Was It You? 7:19


Django Bates

1. Once A Penguin, Always A Penguin 5:36
2. The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst 12:12
3. Nights At The Circus 3:67

Eliane Elias, Bob Brookmeyer & The Danish Radio Big Band

4. Just Kiddin’ 7:30
5. So In Love 8:39
6. One Side of You 7:50

The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra

7. The Pathfinder 13:25
8. Dear Lord 8:08
9. Wild Bill 5:50

CD 5: 1999

“More Jazzvisits 1997 - 99”

1. Tripple Metamorphosis 11:51

Silvana Malta & The Danish Radio Big Band

2. Suingando 6:09
3. Back To Brazil 7:39

The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra

4. In a Mellotone 6:03
5. Second Line 4:25
6. The Governor 19:39

Martial Solal

7. DRJO no. 1 7:42
8. Monster Piece 7:21
9. En Coulisse 8:00

CD 6: 1999 – 2001 & 2014

Danish Radio Big Band plays The Music of Thomas Clausen

1. Time Remembered 5:42
2. Oktober Nat 8:57

The Danish Radio Big Band & Jim McNeely

3. Show Type Tune 9:42

Palle Mikkelborg & The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra

4. The Forest 7:27
5. Those Who Build 7:2
6. Joy 5:37

The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra & Jim McNeely feat. Leroy Jones

7. Hotter Than That 9:10
8. The Power and The Glory 13:25

DR Big Band & Michel Camilo

9. Why Not 11:49


All About JAzz

To paraphrase Shakespeare, there is something rockin' in the state of Denmark. It's the Danish Radio Big Band, best of its kind in Europe, indeed—depending on who is conducting and the mood of the players—on occasion best in the world. Against all the odds in these cash-strapped times, the DRBB, as it is universally known, is celebrating its 50th birthday. /p>

- Chris Mosey

"If you in any way have an affinity for big band jazz and the Danish Radio Big Band then this is a genius place to start."

- Niels Overgård (read the review in danish here)

This superb box is both a worthy tribute to a remarkable ensemble and an absorbing guide to the evolving role of one of Europe's finest jazz orchestra. Thoroughly recommended.

Peter Vacher, Jazzwise


This package of six compact discs could easy be subtitled  "An evolution of a big band".

If you enjoy bigg band jazz don't miss this package.


Herb Young, IAJRC Journal


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