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Anders Mogensen / Frisk Quartet
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"Henrik Frisk shifts rapidly to and fro - pushing and creating dancing rhythms... let it go - take off with the band... drums tense and restrained... bass taut and getting tighter... less is more - no-one's giving it away... hang on - this is jazz... without the cliches... turned around and fresh... Gary Thomas breaks first with blistering sax flashes... Frisk waits... a few apparently random notes... steadily pushing the sax to its screaming limits... cue Anders Mogensen - the big drum sound - on the attack and on its toes... essential... Gary Thomas' ruthless efficiency - mellowed by Frisk's more tentative gestures... vital interplay between tenors... beautiful - vivid - tender... beneath rolls the ever-moving melodious bass of Mike Formanek... potential... this band has it"... loose quotes from Erik Centerwall Stockholm, Sweden, April 16, 1997


Henrik Frisk (tenor and soprano sax), Gary Thomas (tenor sax), Michael Fourmanek (acoustic bass), Anders Mogensen (drums)

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