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Association - Live at Montmartre

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Tomas Franck Quartet
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This live recording is from an intense July evening during the 2015 Copenhagen Jazz Festival where the Tomas Franck Quartet totally brought the house down. Backing Tomas Franck up is a trio led by the exceptional pianist, Carsten Dahl, one of his all-time most important musical collaborators. The attentive rhythm section is rounded out with Daniel Franck on bass and the new American stellar drummer, Rodney Green.

One of the greatest contemporary jazz musicians, Tomas Franck has a musical strength common to few. His career has brought him closer to a finer sense for the very substance of music. While this is not a process that rewards instantly, probably only a handful of other tenor saxophonists in the world today play with his degree of integrity.

In the liner notes, Montmartre music director Christian Brorsen writes: “The music speaks for itself, and one can sense how everything falls into place. Audacious leaps into the unknown are taken, but each time, like a cat, the quartet lands firmly on its musical feet. And the audience reacts accordingly. Whether they were sitting on the edge of their seats or hanging at the bar, momentarily forgetting their drinks, everyone was blown away by this special evening. Now it has been immortalized on record. An example of jazz at its best—in the moment, with no holds barred and no safety net!”



Tomas Franck Quartet:

Tomas Franck: Tenor sax

Carsten Dahl: Piano

Daniel Franck: bass

Rodney Green: Drums 


Salt Peanuts

"Association is plenty of Tomas Franck's greatness. He is, almost without comparison, the new Coltrane, and a name that club and festival organizers around the world should note. With this quartet it becomes almost like listening to Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones at their best."

- Jan Granlie (original article in Norwegian here)


"The Swedish tenor saxophonist Tomas Franck is putting it mildly a powerful musician. He is quite a saxophone machinery, but now with delicate emotional depths. The melodies are in for a fligt, the tone rows comes as cascades, but never like buckshots, and it all fits together in fascinating ways."

- Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske, Sep. 27. 2016 (original article here)

Jazz Special

"Jazz with a grand capital J"

- Jørgen Sigumfeldt, Jazz Special

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