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Pernille Bevort

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Pernille Bevort's sound on both horns is rich and centered and she has an uncanny knack for blending and phrasing with other horns rarely found, combined with a very strong rhythmic sense. As a soloist she strives for making her point of departure the given musical universe, its melodic-rhythhmic essence and feeling. Her approach to improvisation is compositional and linear, like a modern-day Lester Young, steering away from the common pitfalls of "super-bop" or "coltraneology" and blatant lick playing. -A most welcome and very enjoyable introduction to a young, up and comming jazz musician of great potential and promise


Pernille Bevort (tenor- and sopranosax); Marco Spallanzani (guitars); Jesper Bodilsen (bass); Lisbeth Diers (percussion and vocal); Morten Lund (Drums)

Recorded October 9 and December 16, 1997

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