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Closer To The Blues

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Barry Levenson / Jake Sampson
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The Beauty and magic of the blues lie in its ability to touch and move people - make you tap your foot to the music and not your head to its message. Luckily, Barry Levenson and Jake Sampson are dedicated to the classic, electric urban blues tradition. With half-century of dues paying and blues playing between them (including tours of the deep south and Europe), this new collaboration between two veterans has clearly inspired them to new heights. Together with regulars from Barry Levenson's Band, plus some tasty guest performers, this is one tight and powerful unit. The fine result of this collaboration - Barry and Jake wrote all but one of the tunes - is immediately obvious. Here is the beauty and magic of the blues - a feeling which cannot be faked!


Jake Sampson - bass & vocal, BArry Levenson - guitar, Mike Thompson piano, Dave Kida - drums 

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