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Finn von Eyben Workshop & Radiojazzgruppen

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Finn von Eyben
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From a leading exponent of the fertile Danish free jazz movement of the 1960s comes these never before released live and studio recordings pointing back to traditional jazz, swing and bop and forwards to future forms of jazz mixed with folk, funk, soul and rock.

The first half of the record features studio recordings from von Eyben's “Workshop”, en ensemble that created a free-flowing and spontaneous feel. The musicians were trained classical musicians and composers, and this foundation of skill ensures an uncompromised high quality of play and a basis from which they can improvise masterfully.

The second half of CD is a recording of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s “Radiojazzgruppen” playing compositions by Finn von Eyben. Von Eyben himself is featured on bass and accompanied by Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen. The record is an interesting addition to our understanding of the 1960’s in Danish music history where then past, the present and the future clashed and created a whole new sound. “It meant a lot to us,” reflects Finn von Eyben, “this underlying idea: What happens if?”



Finn von Eyben Workshop:

Jesper Bech Nielsen (tenorsax), Kim Menzer (trombone), Søren Svagin (piano), Finn von Eyben (bass), Teit Jørgensen (drums)



Ândras Âdorjan (flute), Allan Botschinsky, Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet), Eje Thelin (trombone), Bent Nielsen, Uffe Karskov, Per Carsten Petersen, Bernt Rosengren (saxophone, flute), Fritz von Bülow (guitar), Otto Francker (vibraphone, marimba), Ole Kock Hansen (celeste), Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Finn von Eyben (bass), Bjarne Rostvold (drums)


Le Son du Grisli

"The contrabassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen is most impressive as a part of the quintet on the second half of the record. With Jesper Bech Nielson (tenor saxophone), Kim Menzer (trombone), Søren Svagin (piano) and Teit Jøgensen (drums), he brings a sense of modal jazz with him that goes well with the wind instruments.  In a twinkling, their melodic lines overlap, twist and turn (on Asia) as they follow the contrasting marching steps – which in turn express both the playfulness of Menzer (on Krogerup), but also develop a mood of defeat (on Springtime). For being from Copenhagen, this record really is another Somethin’ Else!"

- Guillaume Belhomme, June 20. 2016 (original article here)

Recommended by The New York City Jazz Record


"Great that Storyville is comitted to release this treasure from an often disregarded but lively and fruitful period of Danish jazz."

- Patrick Sandberg (originally in Swedish)

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