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Lester Young
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LESTER YOUNG 2 CD’s You can’t overestimate Lester Young’s importance on the development of modern jazz. His superb melodic gift and logical phrasing and smooth, flowing lines were the inspiration for most of the jazz musicians regardless of instruments born after 1920. (Lester Young born 1909) As Johnny Griffin said to Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis: There are five tenor saxophonists that have made the styles we all get our inspiration from: Chu Berry, Don Byas, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. All the tracks on these two CD’s are from the fifties. Three of the sessions are unissued and on one track Oh! Lady Be Good young Miles Davis is on trumpet. It was recorded on a European tour Lester and Miles did in 1956. 




(a)  Jesse Drakes (tp) Lester Young (ts) John Lewis (p) Gene Ramey (b) Jo Jones (dr)

(b)  Jessie Drakes (tp) Lester Young (ts) Horace Silver (p) Franklin Skeets (b) Connie Kay (dr)

(c) Jesse Drakes (tp) Lester Young (ts) Gildo Mahones (p) Connie Henry (b) Connie Kaydr)

(d)Lester Young (ts) Rene Urtreger (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (dr)


(a)  Unknown (tp) Lester Young (ts) Bill Triglia (p) Gene Ramey (b) Gus Johnson (dr)

(b)  Miles Davis *(tp) Lester Young (ts) Rene Urtreger (p) Pierre Michelot (b) Christian Garros (dr)

(c) Lester Young (ts) Earl Swope (tb)Bill Pots (p) Norman Williams (b) Jim Lutch (dr)

(d)Idrees Sulieman (tp) Lester Young (ts) Sinclair Raney (p) Gene Ramey (b) Willie Jones (dr) (e)Lester Young (ts) Sinclair Raney (p) Gene Ramey (b) Willie Jones (dr)



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