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in Coventry, 1966

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Duke Ellington
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During the year of 1966 Duke Ellington was touring Europe, giving concerts in many of the major cities of Europe, and touring England for a couple of weeks in February, with concerts, among others, in London, Liverpool, Manchester - and Coventry.
Duke Ellington’s sacred concerts had many incarnations, more than the three on the commercial records: The First (1965), The Second (1968) and The Third (1973). At concerts Ellington often made changes in the proceedings – let out some numbers, and played others, and altered the succession of numbers played. The soloists could be different too. Likewise at Coventry Cathedral on a winter’s Monday, February 21st 1966.
The Coventry concert had its centerpiece in “In The Beginning God”, but apart from that it was no ordinary sacred concert: Two numbers, Come Sunday and Tell Me It’s The Truth would have a vocal on the issued record and in other performances of A Concert of Sacred Music the previous year, but were purely instrumental here – and the two numbers following In The Beginning God had no connection to a religious theme.
With him on the day in Coventry Cathedral were some highly professional British vocalists, The Cliff Adams Singers and the baritone singer George Webb, giving the performance a special quality, which the band acknowledged by playing on the top of their game.


Herbie Jones (tp)

Cootie Wiliams (tp)

Cat Anderson (tp)

Mercer Ellington (tp)

Lawrence Brown (tb)

Chuck Connors (tb)

Buster Cooper (tb),

Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts)

Russell Procope (as, cl)

Johnny Hodges (as)

Paul Gonsales (ts)

Harry Carney (bars, cl, bcl)

Duke Ellington (p)

John Lamb (b)

Sam Woodyard (dr)

George Webb (vo)

Cliff Adams Singers (vo)





New World A-Comin Come Sunday Light (Montage) Come Easter Tell Me It's The Truth In The Beginning God West Indian Pancake La Plus Belle Africaine

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