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Kid Ory & Red Allen In Denmark

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Kid Ory / Red Allen

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Without question, Kid Ory was the most influential trombonist in the history of jazz. His timber, attack, and nuance merged into the sweeping tailgate radiance that will always be a vital element in Dixieland jazz. For generations. musicians and fans have savored his rhythmical solos and rousing multi-octave glisses. Few jazzmen share Ory's impressive background. His characteristic mannerisms are deeply rooted in the recorded legacy of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five, Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers, King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators, and the New Orleans Wanderers. Henry Allen's prodigious contribution to our music still shines very brightly. His tour with Kid Ory in 1959 provided European fans with a rare opportunity to hear the two New Orleans giants merging their considerable talents. On every tune, Red Allen's sparkling inventiveness, his trills glissandos, and genuine eloquence corroborate a lofty position among the revered icons of traditional jazz.


Kid Ory - trombone & vocal, Henry "Red" Allen - trumpet & vocal, Bob McCracken - clarinet, Cedric Haywood - piano, Frank Haggerty - guitar, Squire Gersh - bass, Alton Redd- drums

Recorded November 13, 1969

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