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Earl Hines

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Live broadcasts from The Hangover Club in San Francisco. Recorded September 17 and 24, 1955. The band with Earl Hines here is of the kind he often put together which makes splendid mockery of the critical pedantry that devides musicians into "schools". Marty Marsala an under-recorded from the Condon entourage is teamed with clarinettist Darnell Howard, a veteran who first recorded with W.C. Handy in 1917, and trombonist Jimmy Archy who worked for many years with the Luis Russell Orchestra. With Ed Garland (bass) and Joe Watkins (drums) the ensemble knits together in rousing fashion. But really the record is Hines': spurring on the ensemble with vocal and musical encouragement, scattering filigree runs and chunky chord clusters like jewels, and proving on "Honeysuckle Rose" that never ever has there been anyone like Earl Hines.


Marty Marsala (trumpet), Jimmy Archey (trombone), Darnell Howard (clarinet) Earl Hines (piano), Ed Garland (bass), Joe Watkins (drums).

Recorded September 10, 17 and 24, 1955

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