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Thomas Hass
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”Lotus Energy” marks the beginning of a new exciting project for saxophonist Thomas Hass: Trio's & Beyond. The object of Trio’s and Beyond is to create music from informal ensemble playing, and use this spontaneity as a creative force.  On this album Thomas Hass plays with bassist Lennart Ginman in two different trios: One with the pianist Nikolaj Hess and one with drummer Frands Rifbjerg. You can hear him and the trio’s seizing the opportunity of exploring the possibilities of more informal musical meetings.

To find the vibe for this album Thomas Hass chose to record three different sessions over a period of 6 months. From the mountain of recordings he found that a subdued and atmospheric album was hidden in the very diverse recordings that ended up on tape, revealing what Hass calls: ” inner canvas behind the different musical paintings.”

The record features 9 melodically stripped down recordings where 6 of the 9 are original compositions by Thomas Hass. The last three are: Gimbo - a reworking of a John Coltrane and a Wayne Shorter tune, Harold Arlen's Come Rain or Come Shine and an intimate reading of Ryuishi Sakamoto's composition Bibo No Aozora.


Thomas Hass (ts, ss), Nikolaj Hess (p), Lennart Ginman (b), Frands Rifbjerg (dr)


Recorded by Thomas Hass at Over Draaby Strand, August 11, 2013



Thomass Hass plays with an authoritive confidence. There is no doubt or wondering

- (Orignal article in Danish)

Fresh and warm like early morning baked bread.


Cadence Magazine

"Thomas Hass is a strong player who knows what he is doing."

- Jerome Wilson

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