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Louis Armstrong In Scandinavia Vol. 1

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Louis Armstrong
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This wonderful music with Louis Armstrong is being released here for the first timeon CD. It was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden, in 1933, 1949 & 1952. Especially the three numbers recorded in Stockholm in 1933 are particularly rare,and represent possibly the first live music concert recordings ever made. The music on this CD is classic Louis Armstrong, and is a must for all Louis fans and lovers of traditional jazz.This CD is the first in a series of four CD's that covers many of the live/radio/TV recordings that Armstrong did during his tours in Scandinavia between 1933-52.PRODUCED BY GÖSTA HÄGGLÖF


1933: LOUIS ARMSTRONG AND HIS HOT HARLEM BAND Louis Armstrong (tp,vo), Charles S. Johnson (tp), Lionel Guimaraes (tb), Peter DuCongé, Harry Tyree, Fletcher Allen (reeds), Justo Barrato (p), German Araco (b), Oliver Tines (dr),CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)1949: LOUIS ARMSTRONG AND HIS ALL STARS Louis Armstrong (tp), Jack Teagarden (tb), Barney Bigard (cl), Earl Hines (p), Arvell Shaw (b), Cozy Cole (dr), Velma Middleton (vo) 1952: LOUIS ARMSTRONG AND HIS ALL STARS Louis Armstrong (tp), Trummy Young (tb), Bob McCracken (cl), Marty Napoleon (p), Arvell Shaw (b), Cozy Cole (dr), Velma Middleton (vo)

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