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Sidney Bechet
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Clarinettist Mezz Mezzrow was a great admirer of Sidney Bechet and made many recordings featuring himself with Bechet for his own record company, the King Jazz label, in the mid forties. This compilation includes sessions from the Mezzrow-Bechet Septet and Quintet. *”Mezz Mezzrow’s playing was not by any means in the same league as Sidney Bechet’s ... but in this set of recordings - made in New York in 1945 and Chicago two years later - Mezzrow ... works around the ever-creative Bechet but he also demonstrates a pleasant rapport ... “ - *from the new liner notes by Chris Albertson.


(a) MEZZROW-BECHET SEPTET Mezz Mezzrow (cl) Sidney Bechet (ss) Hot Lips Page (tp) Sammy Price (p) Danny Barker (g) Pops Foster (b) Sid Catlett (dr)

(b) Same as above, New York July 31, 1945 (c) MEZZROW-BECHET QUINTET Mezz Mezzrow (cl) Sidney Bechet (ss) Fitz Weston (p) Pops Foster (b) Kaiser Marshall (dr) New York, August 29, 1945

(e) MEZZROW-BECHET QUINTET Mezz Mezzrow (cl) Sidney Bechet (ss & cl) Wesley “Sox” Wilson ( p) Wellman Braud (b) Baby Doods (dr)

(f) MEZZROW-BECHET QUINTET Mezz Mezzrow(cl) Sidney Bechet (ss) Sammy Price (p) Pops Foster (b) Kaiser Marshall (dr) 

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