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Message From Bud

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Carsten Dahl
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"It's always exciting when I meet with Lennart and Frands, whether it's on a job or in the studio. To be honest, I have no idea what we are going to play when we meet. Everything we play is based on intuition and musical trust but we know which "feeling" and sound we are after. The title number "Message from Bud" appeared in a dream where I sat and drank whisky with Bud Powell. Behind us a band was playing the tune and I woke up and remembered it. In many ways this recording is a dedication to all the pianists who have meant so much to me. Names such as Bud Powell, Erroll Garner, Wynton Kelly, Sonny Clark, Monk, Ahmad Jamal and Bill Evans are unquestionable. I hope you will enjoy the music!" Carsten Dahl


Carsten Dahl (piano), Lennart Ginmann (bass), Frands Rifbjerg (drums).

Recorded December 17, 1998

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