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My Love

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Miriam Mandipira / Troels Jensen
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With a voice aged by experience, Troels Jensen is still going places as he and the congregation The Healers and singer Miriam Mandipira spread the message of life and of love through storytelling.

Troels Jensen has finally established his dream project: a large band consisting of rhythm, reeds and voices—respectively The Healers, The Blues Horns and The Belles of Joy—Miriam Mandipira is now a featured member. Together they let the music roll along like a well-oiled freight train, through rockers and ballads, be they originals or standards. Troels Jensen has played the blues all his life, and this is the kind of album where the perfect mix of inward nostalgia and boozed-up rock moods kick in the door from the very first note. Mandipira's powerful voice emphasises the carefully developed skils of Jensen & The Healers and challenges the band to bring forth even more emotion. 

Mandipira and Jensen has performed together on numerous occasions to great critical acclaim. Their new project My Love promises to bring together the best from the blues and soul tradition with a lively, modern spirit produced by a large band where each member gives their all to the music. 



Troels Jensen: Lead vocal, piano, acoustic & Spanish guitar

Miriam Mandipira: Vocals


The Healers

Michael Lee: guitar

Knut Henriksen: Bass

Tobias Leonardo Pedersen: Drums

Anders Gaardmand: Tenor Sax

Nis Toxsværd: Tenor Sax

Ole Himmelstrup: Bar.Sax

Pia Trøjgaard: Voc.

Lea Thorlann: Voc



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