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Sigurdur Flosason / Kjeld Lauritsen
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The music on this CD was recorded with very little preparation and in some cases none – kind of like an old fashioned blowing session in the studio. The idea was to communicate through beautiful songs, some well known and some less so – to take off from our common ground: the deep love of the jazz tradition. In a way this is also our tribute to the great composers of the past and the wonderful players who have played their music before us. The tunes are from the American songbook: These Foolish Things / For You, For Me, or Evermore / Angel Eyes / The Touch Of Your Lips / Skylark / Tea For Two / Too Late Now / Why Try To Change Me Now / I Only Have Eyes For You / Young At Heart.


Sigurdur Flosason (alto saxophone), Kjeld Lauritsen (hammond b3), Kristian Leth (drums), Jacob Fischer (guitar)


Jazz Weekly:


A long time in a galaxy far, far away…

There was a jazz label called Blue Note that truly put out “The Finest in Jazz Since 1939.” Every release was a 40 minute treat of some of the most heavenly music God ever allowed on the planet. Casual and yet exciting , the music was simple, sincere and swinging. Unfortunately, through the years, the Dark Forces took it over, causing it to surrender until the Princess Norah came and brought it back to life. It still exists, but under a different Prince with the Empire having returned to make it release material that includes hip hop and ….COUNTRY!!     

Once in awhile, members of the True Force return to remind people of the halcyon days of jazz, and knights Sigurdur Flosason/as and Kjeld Lauritsen/B3 are emissaries of the world of light through the healing powers of Storyville Records. Here, they team up with Jacob Fischer/g and Kristian Leth/dr to run through a deliciously intimate, swinging, bluesy and personal collection of standards. No frills, no gimmicks, no angst, no “edginess”…just straight music that you can listen to at any stage of your life and have it make you a better person for it. Flossason’s alto has that Paul Desmond airy lilt to it, Lauritsen is John Patton silky smooth, Fischer’s strings are tasty and succinct, and Leth is subtle and supportive. Smoky treatments of “These Foolish Things” and “Angel Eyes” create sonic moods of oozing clouds hovering through the hills, with Flosason’s alto glistening through like a morning sun. A duet with alto and guitar on “Skylark” have you not wanting it to end, and the only let-down is when the band gently joins in Flosason’s solo intro to “Young at Heart” at just the point where you hope that it’s totally him and him alone the entire journey.  If you want to know how far jazz has strayed from its zenith, listen to this and hope for the return of the Jedi.

- George Harris

Orignal article 

Alison Kerr's Jazz Blog

This CD is a wonderful introduction to the gorgeous, gentle sound and lyrical style of Icelandic alto saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason, and features a line-up of sax plus Hammond B3 organ, played by Kjeld Lauritsen); guitar, played by Jacob Fischer, and drums, played by Kristian Leith. Flosason excels throughout, particularly on ballads. The overall effect is of a series of laidback musical conversations, with the dialogue between sax and guitar especially pleasing. 

Alison Kerr’s Jazz Blog


Tak til musikerne for en fantastisk og meget anbefalelsesværdig plade med swingende jazz.

Niels Overgård

Berlingske Tidende

At spille jazz på orgel. Hvordan er det nu med det? I alle tilfælde hedder den danske jazzscenes mest fremtrædende orgelbetvinger Kjeld Lauritsen. Han hører til de få, der trakterer det originale Hammond B3 med baspedaler og roterende Leslie-højtaler. og det gør han tilmed på velklingende og vel-swingende vis — her og der og alle vegne og ikke sjældent om natten i La Fontaine. Kjeld Lauritsen har endvidere allieret sig med den fine islandske altsaxofonist Sigurdur Flosason, og sammen tager de, i en afslappet sen-natte-time-stemning, på strejf-tog blandt udødelige amerikanske melodier, herunder »These Foolish Things«, -Angel Eyes« og »I Only Have Eyes For You«. Sigurdur Flosason fabulerer på en gang sejt og sart, og både som akkompagnatør og solist viser Kjeld Lauritsen formatet. De to musikere bliver glimrende bistået af trommeslageren Kristian Leth og guitaristen Jacob Fischer, og som så ofte før er sidstnævnte — med sit musikalske overblik og sin overrumplende virtuositet — jævnligt mand for at stjæle billedet fra sine kapelmestre.

- Kjeld Frandsen


It is as if the hairs stand up in the neck over the sweetness fully floating chords, who along with breezy saxophone opens the organ player Kjeld Lauritsen with the cool Icelandic alto sax player Sigurdur Flosason.

Christian Munch-Hansen 



Jan Olsson

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