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Michael Heise
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This CD contains six numbers, four of which are recorded live in Denmark. Of the six tunes, four are original numbers written by the trio’s members, inspired by the close interaction of their playing. Aside from the almost “classical” authority with which Michael Heise plays piano, there are elements of Cuban/Latin, Mediterranean, blues and even a little funk in the trio’s music. The result is 56 minutes of exciting trio music, where firm jazz roots are constantly explored and developed in new and valid directions, thanks to the inspirational energy between these three top musicians. Here, even the old standard, “Summertime”, is made fresh and new – one of many happy surprises on this talented young Dane’s second CD release for Storyville.


Michael Heise (piano), Omer Avital (bass), Ali Jackson (drums).

Recorded February and April, 1998

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