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Mads Vinding / Carsten Dahl / Margrete Grarup / Mads Vinding 4TET
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A live jazz concert with some of Denmark’s brightest jazz musicians

Last year the record ”Walk With Me” was released to great critical acclaim. It featured a collaborative project spanning beautiful ballads and swinging jazz, completed by a handful of the most hard-working and skilled Danish jazz musicians. A little while later, three of the original players gathered for a memorable evening in the concert hall of Amager Bio.

The bassist Mads Vinding ties the quartet together with his confident style. Vinding has played with all of the legends of jazz, and is often mentioned as the musical heir of late NHØP.

The pianist and composer Carsten Dahl takes the keys. His play is, as always, playful and technically skilled. Carsten Dahl is a highly productive musicians, but his work never lacks quality – instead, his piano is rich with experience.

Above all soars the unique voice of Margrete Grarup. She manages to balance force and delicacy and always retains a certain humility even when her powerful voice is at its most expressive. 

Niclas Campagnol plays the drums, a recent addition to the original group. A regular on the Danish jazz stage, he easily complements the others with cool and understated rhythm.

The mood is audibly lively, and the musicians clearly long to entertain as they invite the audience along on the journey.



Mads Vinding (bass)

Margrete Grarup (vocal)

Carsten Dahl (piano)

Niclas Campagnol (drums)


The Copenhagen daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende in 2015 called Margrete Grarup "the best kept secret in Danish jazz." In 2017, with two albums released in rapid succession on Storyville, that secret is out... and a star is born. 

Grarup has a wonderfully rich and expressive voice. She comes to jazz via the Scandinavian blues and gospel scene. There she would sing "down in Mississippi where I come from" like she meant it. She's actually from Aalborg in north-eastern Denmark. 

Chris Mosey, AllAboutJazz

Margrete Grarup has already released a couple of records, but they’ve never reached me. But now I have made my acquaintance and it was more than just “a good experience”. A mature, full-bodied voice on the edge of being powerful and with a personal and significant touch on several of the half a dusin standards, that the record consists of. Keep an eye on Margrete Grarup.  

Thorbjørn Sjøgren, Jazz Special

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