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    THE BLUES BOX 7CDs + DVD This is a box filled to the brim with performances by some of the most celebrated blues artists of the post war period, including some whose careers stretched back to earlier decades. What you hear—and see on the included DVD—is a kaleidoscope of approaches to this enduring music: songs molded from personal experiences that reflect good as well as bad times, snippets of autobiography and touches of humour. Yes, the blues is not restricted to tales of woe. There were good times to be had in the juke joints of the South and the watering holes of Chicago, an urban environment to which many of these artists gravitated. Contains the following artists: Sonny Boy Williamson, Champion Jack Dupree, Robert Lockwood Jr., Henry Gray, Boogie Bill Webb, Lonnie Johnson, Otis Spann, Speckled Red, Sunnyland Slim, Roosevelt Sykes, Sippie Wallace, Little Brother Montgomery, Big Joe Williams, Sleepy John Estes, Robert Pete Williams, Memphis Slim, Eddie Boyd, Jay McShann, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee and many more …




    Cat no.108 8604 BLUES BOX CD 1 Lonnie Johnson – Otis Spann 1. Tomorrow Night 2. Clementine Blues 3. See See Rider 4. Raining On The Cold, Cold Ground 5. Jelly, Jelly 6. Too Late To Cry Baby 7. Call Me Darling 8. Why Did You Go 9. Swinging With Lonnie 10. Please Help Me 11. My Baby Is Gone 12. You Don’t Know What Love Is 13. Don’t Cry Baby 14. Good Morning Mr. Blues 15. Riverside Blues 16. Jelly Roll Baker 17. Trouble In Mind 18. Worried Life Blues 19. T.B. Blues 20. Spann’s Boogie 21. Goin’ Down Slow Total time. 78:12 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. CD 2 Speckled Red – Sunnyland Slim 1. The Dirty Dozen 2. I Had My Fun 3. Caldonia 4. Oh! Red 5. St. Louis Stomp 6. Milk Cow Blues 7. Dad’s Piece 8. You’ve Got The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo 9. Red’s Own Blues 10. Uncle Sam’s Blues 11. It Feels So Good 12. How Long Blues 13. Tain’t Nobody’s Biznezz 14. Prison Bound Blues 15. Johnson Machine Gun Blues 16. Miss Ida B. 17. I Done You Wrong 18. Brown Skin Mama 19. Goin’ Down Slow 20. Sunnyland’s Boogie 21. One Room Country Shack Total time: 73:40 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX CD 3 Roosevelt Sykes – Sippie Wallace – Little Brother Montgomery 1. Big Ben 2. Boot That Thing 3. Springfield Blues 4. Henry Ford Blues 5. I’m A Dangerous Man 6. True Thing 7. Whole Lot Of Children 8. The Last Laugh 9. 44 Blues 10. Women Be Wise 11. Trouble Everywhere I Roam 12. Special Delivery Blues 13. Murder Gonna Be My Crime 14. Shorty George Blues 15. I’m A Mighty Tight Woman 16. Bedroom Blues 17. Up The Country Blues 18. You Don’t Know My Mind 19. I Must Get Mine In Front 20. Willie Anderson’s Blues 21. Jim Jam Blues 22. Hesitatin’ Blues 23. Mama, You Don’t Mean Me No Good Total time: 78:36 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX CD 4 Big Joe Williams – Sleepy John Estes – Robert Pete Williams 1. Shake Them Down 2. Saturday Night Jump 3. Jinx Blues 4. Pick A Pickle 5. Ramblin’ And Wanderin’ Blues 6. Old Saw Mill Blues 7. Don’t The Apples Look Mellow 8. El Paso Blues 9. Juanita Blues 10. Vitamin “A” Blues 11. Drop Down Mama 12. I’d Been Well Warned 13. Stop That Thing 14. Diving Duck Blues 15. Vernita Blues 16. Bottle Up And Go 17. Mountain Cat Blues 18. Doctor Blues 19. Got On His Mind 20. Meet Him Over In Paradise 21. Goodbye Baby 22. It’s Gotta Be Jelly ‘Cause Jam Don’t Shake Thataway 23. She Walked Around With Her Mouth Poked 24. Greyhound Blues Total time: 75:03 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX CD 5 Big Bill Broonzy – John Henry Barbee 1. Glory Of Love 2. Careless Love 3. I Gets The Blues When It Rains 4. My Name Is Lee Conley Broonzy 5. Take This Hammer 6. See See Rider 7. Diggin’ My Potatoes 8. Midnight Special 9. Keep Your Hands Off Her 10. I Got A Girl 11. You Better Mind 12. I Love You So Much 13. Sixteen Tons 14. Black Brown And White 15. Goodnight Irene 16. Dust My Broom 17. I Heard My Baby 18. I Ain’t Gonna Pick No More Cotton 19. Miss Nelly Grey 20. Tell Me Baby 21. Jump Blues Total time: 75:19 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX CD 6 Memphis Slim – Champion Jack Dupree - Eddie Boyd – Jay McShann 1. El Capitan 2. This Is A Good Time To Write A Song 3. I’m So Alone 4. True Love 5. Two Of A Kind 6. Big City Girl 7. The Question 8. Misery 9. Fattening Frogs For Snakes 10. Born With The Blues 11. Whizzle Wham 12. How Long Blues 13. Blues Before Sunrise 14. In The Evening 15. Tomorrow Night 16. In The Dark 17. Fine And Mellow 18. Drinkin’ Wine Spodie-Odie 19. Third Degree 20. Five Long Years 21. A Reel Good Feeling 22. Kansas City Blues 23. How Long Blues 24. Cherry Red Total time: 73:39 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX CD 7 Sonnyboy Williamson – Sonny Terry – Brownie McGhee 1. I Can’t Understand 2. Movin’ Down The River 3. The Story Of Sonnyboy Williamson 4. Rebecca Blues 5. I Wonder If I Have A Friend 6. Same Girl 7. Girl Friends 8. Tippin’ Through Customs 9. Little Girl 10. You Can’t Get Away 11. I’m Crazy About Your Pie 12. The Sweetest Girl I Know 13. Easy Rider 14. Rock Island Line 15. Find My Way Home 16. Midnight Special 17. The Chariot Is Coming 18. Howdy Blues 19. In The Evening Total time: 77:04 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet. BLUES BOX DVD Champion Jack Dupree 1. Introduction/Dupree Special 2. Mean Old Lonesome Train 3. Alberta Sonnyboy Williamson 4. Tell Me Baby 5. You’re My Baby 6. Goin’ Back Home All Alone With The Blues 7. Intro: Jim Gabour (Narrator) Robert Lockwood Jr. 8. Drivin’ Wheel 9. They Gonna Ball Tonight 10. Kindhearted Women 11. Little And Low James Caroll Booker III 12. Intro: Jim Gabour 13. Seagram’s Jam Henry Gray 14. Intro. Jim Gabour 15. Blues Dance 16. Cold Chills Boogie Bill Webb, Harmonica Slim 17. Ninth Ward Blues Cousin Joe 18. Intro: Jim Gabour 19. Life Is A One Way Ticket 20. Beggin’ Woman 21. Me And Hard Work 22. I Wouldn’t Give A Blind Sow An Acorn 23.Closing: Jay Vincent Total time: 77:41 For full details of tracks and personnel see booklet.


    "This is a working days worth of music by men who played it, lived it and loved it. The root of all American music is shown in the most fertile soil on these discs. Get it and feel the real deal." George Harris, Jazzweekly


    Tomorrow Night Clementine Blues Raining On The Cold, Cold Ground Jelly, Jelly Too Late to Cry Baby Call Me Darling Why Did You Go Swinning With Lonnie Please Help Me My Baby Is Gone You Don't Know What Love Is I'd Been Well Warned Don't Cry Baby Good Morning Mr. Blues Riverside Blues Jelly Roll Baker Trouble In Mind Woried Life Blues T.B. Blues Spann's Boogie Goin' Down Slow The Dirty Dozen I Had My Fun Caldonia Oh! Red St. Louis Stomp Milk Cow Blues Dad's Piece You've Got The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo Uncle Sam's Blues It Feels So Good How Long Blues Tain't Nobody's Biznezz Prison Bound Blues Johnson Machine Gun Blues Miss Ida B. I Done You Wrong Brown Skin Mama Goin' Down Slow Sunnyland Boogie One Room Country Shack Big Ben Boot That Thing Springfield Blues Henry Ford Blues I'm A Dangerous Man True Thing Whole Lot Of Children The Last Laugh 44 Blues Women Be Wise Trouble Everywhere I Roam Special Delivery Blues Murder Gonna Be My Crime Shorty George Blues Shorty George Blues I'm A Might Tight Woman Bedroom Blues Up The Country Blues You Don't Know My Mind I Must Get Mine In Front Willia Anderson's Blues Jim Jam Blues Hesitatin' Blules Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good Shake Them Down Saturday Night Jump Jinx Blues Pick A Pickle Ramblin' And Wanderin' Blues Old Saw Mill Blues Don't The Apples Look Mellow El Paso Blues Juanita Blues Vitamin "A" Blues Drop Down Mama Stop That Thing Diving Duck Bl Vernita Blues Bottle Up And Go Mountain Cat Blues Doctor Blues Got On His Mind Meet Him Over In Paradise Goodbye Baby It's Gotta Be Jelly 'Cause Jam Don't Shake Thataway She Walked Around With Her Mouth Poked Greyhound Blues Glory Of Love Careless Love I Get The Blues When It Rains My Name Is Lee Conley Broonzy Take This Hammer See See Rider Diggin' My Potatoes Midnight Special Keep Yours Hand Off Her I Got A Girl You Better Mind I Love You So Much Sixteen Tons Black Brown And White Goodnigth Irene Dust My Broom I Heard My Baby I Ain'tGonna Pick No More Cotton Miss Nelly Grey Tell Me Baby Jump Blues El Capitan This IS A Good Time To Write A Song I'm So Alone True Love Two Of A Kind Big City Girl The Question Misery Fattening Frogs For Snakes Born With The Blues Whizzle Wham Whizzle Wham How Long Blues Blues Before Sunrise In The Evening Tomorow Night In The Dark Fine And Mellow Drinkin' Wine Spoodie-Odie Third Degree Five Long Years A Reel Good Feeling Kansas City Blues How Long Blues How Long Blues Cherry Red I Can't Understand Movin' Down The River The Story Of Sonny Boy Williamson Rebecca Blues Same Girl Girl Friends Tipppin' Through Customs Little Girl You Can't Get Away I'm Crazy About Your Pie The Sweetest Girl I Know Easy Rider Rock Island Line Find My Way Home Midnight Special The Chariot Is Coming Howdy Blues

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