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The Duke In Washington

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Duke Ellington
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,Duke Ellington.was one American patriot who truly and gladly symbolized American culture at its finest. Here, in celebration of h ' is 100th birthday, is a collection of tare and exciting live . sessions on his home turf around Washing ton, D.C ., produced in collaboration with the International Duke Ellington Conference, These recordings, made between 1943::and,.1962, feature Duke, the patriot: boosting the morale: of.. U.S servicemen during World War 11, helping sell, U.S. Savi ngs Bonds, promoting Black Pride, and even charming.First Lady Pat.Nixon. at the White House on his 70th birthday The music on this CD represents a variety of Ellington constellations solo piano, trio : and three editions of the Duke's Famous Orchestra. Particularly fine solo contribu tions are made by Rex Stewart, Betty Rochd, Lawrence Brown,,Taft Jordan, Ray Nance, AI Sears, Harry Carney, Clark Terry and of course Edward Kermedy Ellington himself.


Duke Ellington with Wallace Jones, Rex Ste Joe Nanton, L awrence Brown, Clark Terry Willie Cook,' Jim Hamilton, Skippy Williams, Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Sunny Greer a. o.

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