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Morten Haxholm
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Vestigium has a focus on swing, energy and interaction. It’s a playground where ideas are shared and processed, until they become uncompromising unique stories.
Morten Haxholm is ready to release his sixth album. An album that once again sees him joining forces with US jazz stars Jonathan Kreisberg (gui) and Ari Hoenig (tr), as he did on his first and second albums – Equilibrium and Quintessence of Dust. This time he is also joined by Frederick Menzie (sax) and Nikolaj Hess (piano).
The repertoire moves from hard-swinging power jazz, melancholic ballads and insistent oddmeter groove tracks – and two carefully chosen standards – making “Vestigium” a balanced and complete modern jazz record. Vestigium means the the spiritual remains/imprint of a person or a feeling. As when you watch a good friend leave on a train, but you have a feeling of them still being around. The song title came about because Haxholm thought the theme had a special ethereal quality. Morten Haxholm is a Danish bass player, with five albums in his own name and several tours with his own bands (and as a sideman) in Denmark (and Europe as well). He has emerged on the music scene as a composer and bass player to be reckoned with.

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