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Ways Of Seeing

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The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra
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The strong message from the music on ”Ways Of Seeing” is the tremendous talent of the members of the Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra, not only as exceptional ensemble musicians but as jazz improvisers and as arrangers and composers of highly original and distinctive music as well. The music we hear on this CD is from the last two nights of a tour and the only two nights played in a jazz club rather than a concert space. This is relevant because jazz seems to sound better and musicians respond better to the more intimate atmosphere – it is somehow a natural environment for jazz. Two memorable nights of music, the highlights captured on this CD!


Conductor: Ole Kock Hansen. Trumpets: Lars Lindgren (lead), Benny Rosenfeld, Palle Bolvig, Henrik Bolberg Pedersen, Lars Togeby. Trombones: Vincent Nilsson (lead), Steen Hansen, Peter Jensen, Klaus Löhrer, Axel Windfeld. Reeds: Michael Hove (lead), Nikolai Schultz, Tomas Frank, Uffe Markussen, Flemming Madsen. Rhythm group: Nikolaj Bentzon (piano), Anders Lindvall (guitar), Thomas Ovesen (b), Jonas Johansen (drums), Ethan Weisgard (percussion

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