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Wild Bill Davison

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Wild Bill Davison could be rude, foul-mouthed, petulant, immature, insensitive, crude and generally outrageous. Yet he could also be tender, loving, sincere, faithful, generous caring and witty. This album with Wild Bill and Fessor's Big City Band reflects the complexities of Bill's personality through his playing. He is in such great form throughout. It also showcases the stirring Hawkins-like tenor and Bechet-inspired soprano of the late Steen Vig as well as some contrasting trumpet solos by Hansen and Nielsen. Two of the many highpoints on this album are the solos by Jesper Thilo and Ralph Sutton on "Sweet Lorraine". Listen and Enjoy!


Wild Bill Davison (co,Vo), Arne Bue Jensen (tb,leader), Jørgen Svare (cl), Bent Jædig (ts), Jørn Jensen (p,arr.) Lars Blach (g), Jens Sølund (b), Knud Ryskov Madsen (dr).

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